Why not three options of tightness?

What is one of the most popular questions we get asked? “Why do your body shapers only have one row of clips? What if I lose weight and then I can’t use it? I want to be able to tighten and loosen as much as I want.”


A common myth with body shapers is that they should come with multiple options of tightness so the user can change the tightness of the body shaper however they desire. All major (and extremely expensive) body shapers and waist trainers come with options, why don’t ours?


The answer is simple.


Multiple options mean the body shapers has a large amount of flexibility. Why is this bad? This is bad because if your goal is to shape your curves, something flexible is going to be just that: flexible. If you’re paying money for something to achieve a specific goal, it should be the best. Our body shapers only contain 3-5% spandex to keep the areas you are aiming for tight and controlled. This means once you don’t fit in your body shaper, you  need to get one that will start the process all over again, but at a smaller size, to achieve an even smaller size. If something will accommodate your body, it won’t change your body.

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