What’s the biggest mistake to make when buying body shapers?

Our body shapers are unlike any other! We believe that the best way to achieve long lasting results is to maintain a level of compression on the body to mold your curves. That is why we only have one size body shapers instead of body shapers with many rows of clips to adjust.


So how does this contribute to mistakes?


First, our body shapers only have 3% spandex, meaning they do not stretch much. Because of that, customers ordering online must take into consideration that these products do not run true to size. For instance, if your size is naturally an M, chances are you will be an L or an XL. It is important to base your selection on the chart beside every product. Every body is different so make sure your size fits you!


In addition, once customers receive their product, they often times believe that the size is not good for them. Before the body shaper has been fully broken in, it will be stiff and hard to put on. The best solution is to either have someone else squeeze together the body shaper while you clip and zip, but also you can lay on your bed face up and use all your energy to clip and zip as you go. After 2-3 times, it will be much easier to use!


Discipline is key to make sure your body shapers gives you the results you desire!

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    • Margery,

      Nothing makes us happier than knowing that our website can provide you with the information that you are looking for. If you do need any additional information or have any pending questions, please so not hesitate to email us at cali.caliente@live.com.

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