My more than pleasant experience

I know I’m a medium, sometimes I could be a large, I usually just try it on to see how cute it fits, but shapewear online is a whole other ball game. The same way you’re unsure of how what size you can be in tops, dresses or jeans , same goes for shapewear. I’ve tried everything and it  even tougher when different brands that run with different elastics and varies in textiles that you  may have never felt before unless you’re familiar with the shapewear lifestyle. Some companies run by dress sizes going 2 – 20, marked by centimeters or yards or inches, who knows, but Cali Caliente made it easier for me by making it from extra small to 5 extra large, so I know there’s shapewear for everybody. It might be a little confusing at first, especially if you’re unsure of your height, weight, or true waist size. When picking your Real Curves size, you cannot second guess any measurement, so you can be the most comfortable while wearing the garment and this requires precise measurements.

Measuring your waist is essential but Every body is different, the way I found my true waist size was by finding the topmost part of my navel, placing 3 fingers above and using my measuring tape to wrap around my body once, making sure its 100% horizontal all the way around which you can find on google. When you try this at home, please make sure that the measuring tape is directly on your skin and you’re not tugging or pulling to make it tighter. Working at a craft store I know that If you don’t have a measuring tape, use any kind of string or ribbon you can find at home or work and compare it the string measurement to a common inch ruler. It was really easy for me when I did it because I emailed Cali Caliente at and they sent me a free measuring tape that I’m totally in love with because now I can track my progress in their waist training program.

You’re going to need your height and weight. If you haven’t been recently to a doctor for a check up or for whatever reason, it is very easy to call up the clinic and ask for such basic information. All I did was ask for my real height and weight since this is very important information needed to find your Real Curves size. The height might be necessary if you may think you have an elongated torso or a shortened torso compared to the average woman. If worse comes to worst, call up Cali Caliente and the lovely ladies are super educated on all shapewear. I remember when I first ordered mine years ago and they helped every step of the way. Now I just order mine online every time. It’s so much easier and the free shipping is everything and a bag of platano chips.

It is gonna fit tight, it’s supposed to fit tight. You shouldn’t be discouraged if you try putting it on and you think your lungs are gonna pop, believe me, they’re not if you got the right size. If you really believe its too tight, where you cannot breathe or midsection is getting numb, get the hell out of the contraption immediately and get a bigger size. I did the mistake of ordering 2 sizes smaller because I was naive and pressured by my friends to get a size that was clearly not made for my body at the time. I felt like I was going to regurgitate everything I ate, that’s another thing: try it on before eating a meal. I learned that the hard way. I ordered a new size after speaking with the sales associate and kept the first one I ordered as motivation because I knew eventually I was going to be sliding onto a medium very soon. It took time, can’t lie, but the results were so worth the wait.

– Brenda, a loyal costumer

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