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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a body shaper?

A body shaper is an undergarment meant to mold to your body and tighten any loose areas. Although this is the perfect, quick remedy for a night out that calls for a tiny black dress, continued use has proven to be useful for natural and long-term weight-loss.

2. What are the benefits to using a body shaper?

There are countless benefits to body shapers.

  1. Corrects your posture.
  2. Molds to your body for a tight fit.
  3. Raises your breasts and perks your glutes.
  4. Breathable material for maximum usage.
  5. Within 4-6 weeks, a smaller size will be necessary, showing a tightening of your core.

3. I hear they are stiff and uncomfortable. Is that true?

Old models of body shapers used harsh material and rods to keep the user erect. Our hand-made products are made from a material called Powernet which keep a firm hold on the body but allows a wide range of motion. Our body shapers contain just enough latex, only 3-5%, for them to be used every day while also keeping your core tight and molding your waist.

4. How long should I wear it for?

For maximum results, our body shapers should be used 8-10 hours every day. Consistency is key to see just how effective these products are.

5. Why does the chart say I’m a bigger size than I know I am?

Powernet body shapers run small due to the material. For example, a client that is usually a size M will most likely be recommended an L or XL, depending of the measurement of their waist. Click here for a more accurate sizing.

6. How do I take care of my body shaper?

Body shapers are meant to be used every day, so don’t be afraid of overusing it. If your body shaper is feeling a little looser than when you first bought it, that simply means its working! Make sure that you wash it after every third use. If it is used for more strenuous activities, it should be washed after every use. Hand washing your body shapers will ensure a gentle washing and will keep it sturdy for longer.

7. My body shaper is really tight? Should I get a bigger size?

A body shaper is meant to be tight and snug. It is most effective when it is continuously tightening your core. If you feel extreme discomfort, definitely opt for a larger size, as these products should not be causing extreme discomfort. It will take 2-3 days to get used to the tight feeling but you will become accustomed to it until you don’t even feel the body shaper anymore!

8. Won’t people be able to notice it under my clothes?

Discretion is the most important aspect for any undergarment. Our body shapers use a small zipper to create a soft look. The material itself is soft and does not protrude under clothing.

9. What’s the difference between Powernet and Latex?

Powernet is a new, exclusive material from Colombia. Our manufacturers looked for the most effective material to make the body shapers work the best. Powernet body shapers do not stretch like body shapers made mostly from latex do. This firm hold is the most effective in tightening your curves to give you that hour glass look you’re going for.

10. I don’t know if i want a body shaper. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, due the nature of these products, we cannot accept refunds. Only under extreme circumstances do we accept exchanges, although generally they are not accepted as well. These products are very intimate and we would not want any client feeling uncomfortable knowing their products was previously used. We encourage giving us a call to ensure the body shaper you are choosing is the one you want and is the right size for you!

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  1. hello, i placed an order online, i was wondering how will i be able to track it down when will it come, i would really appreciate a way i can be on tack with my order so I’m sure i am home since I’m a busy mom, thank you in advance.


    • Firstly, thank you for your business. All orders that are placed will be sent out on the same day or next business day if needed. After an order is shipped, the tracking information would be updated through paypal and pay pal will send you an email with the tracking information. I hope this helps and if you still have any further questions please feel free to email us with your questions at

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