Do body shapers really work? Experts say YES!

The verdict is in: BODY SHAPERS WORK!

Some misconceptions of body shapers include:

  • “It’s old fashioned and out-dated”
  • “It rearranges your organs”
  • “It rolls and is uncomfortable”
  • “Body shapers are for people that need to lose weight”

It is time to set the record straight!

“Its old fashioned and out dated” – Fashion experts have altered the traditional aspects of waist trainers, making them more effective and stylish! With enhanced molding without the chunky wires and strings, waist trainers are as discreet as ever, and more importantly, waist trainers now come in sexy versions, giving the user more confidence than ever before! It can be worn under all types of clothing, allowing you to work on your goal while at the gym, in the office, or even while on a stroll!



“It rearranges your organs” – False! Some people may wonder what the compression does to our insides. When worn correctly, body shapers simply move the fat into spaces where muscle is compressed. Alternatively, the fat is smoothed into more desired areas for fat instead of simply sitting on your midsection. Body shapers do exactly what we have always wanted; it moves the fat into the places we want them! In addition, if worn correctly, it will help with posture correction, which will also naturally help achieve that hour glass look.



“It rolls and is uncomfortable” – This is untrue when used correctly. Often times, people will follow the belief that you must purchase a size down for the body shaper to be as effective as possible.This is when clients find discomfort in body shapers and it will start to roll down, allowing fat to be smoothed into unwanted places. As in our products, it is better to use the designated chart to ensure the correct size is being used so you can achieve the best results! With the correct size, the body shaper will compress those unwanted rolls and stay in place.



“Body shapers are for people that need to lose weight” – No matter what type of health or fitness change you want to do, there is a body shaper for you! Whether you want to complete that New Years resolution, just had a baby, or want to shed those extra few pounds from your waist, we have something for everyone. We offer a huge selection of sizes. colors, material and desired look to help you achieve the curves you want! Men and women alike, in all shapes with all different goals will benefit from one of our strong, sturdy and lasting body shapers! Come in today to find the one perfect for you!

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2 thoughts on “Do body shapers really work? Experts say YES!

  1. Hey

    According to me waist cinchers and these body shape wears do work. My wife is constantly using it and she can feel the difference in her body shape.

    They perform very well.

    Great blog buddy 🙂

    • Brian,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. Because waist training is coming back strong, we want every to know just how useful they are! We are in the business of making every woman feel even more beautiful than she already is so we appreciate the love from the community! Hope your wife continues to love and enjoy her waist trainer!

      Cali Caliente Team

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